Sorry ... No More Online Scheduling

From this point on, I will only have my paper book for scheduling appointments. When you would like to make an appointment, PLEASE CALL or TEXT me and we can get you scheduled :)  
*Some of you have said that one nice thing about my online schedule is that you can make your appointment anytime, day or night. You are more than welcome to still contact me at any time, I do turn my ringer off at night so it won't wake my family. 
*Another great way to schedule is do it before you leave the salon. Just think, your next one will already be scheduled so you'll have that to look forward to without the stress of trying to get in. 
*I will still try to confirm your appointment the day before since you won't have this blog to look at for a reminder. 
*Here is my phone number for any that may not already have it. 
Thanks so much!  See you in the salon!